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I am Sukieathea, I am an Elder of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, NC Certified Master Educator Instructor, NC Certified Peer Support Recovery Specialist and the CEO Life of a ButteF.L.Y. “First Love Yo'SELF,” LLC where I serve as a Certified Professional Life Coach (ICF Approved Training). I am also a mid-wife for women that are needing help during a tough trimester in their life.

Coach P.

Sukieathea is a bold, passionate, VERY transparent "WOMBman!" It's Sukieathea’s DESIRE, PASSION, an assignment from God to inspire, motivate, guide, counsel, and HELP women "navigate through their pain to purpose." Sukieathea has decided it’s time to be obedient to the call. She’s establishing a Sanctuary (without walls), to help women Regain their “IDENTITY” through the many changes they encounter in their life. Life of a ButterF.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) is the name that was birth within her, during the many stages of her life cycles. During these stages of my life, I have had to experience the complicated life stages such as a ButterFLY, before I embraced my beautiful wings and became who God created me to be today. I will share a little of my stages/cycles, I came from a high-functional but dysfunctional family, I was a pew baby, grew up in church from my mothers’ belly. I was abused verbally, molested, abandoned, rejected, misused, mistreated, etc…which led to me being diagnosed years into my adulthood as a “clinically depressed" patient, along with anxiety and chronic panic attacks. BUT today, I can say I am WHOLE; I live a victorious life.

I Sukieathea, answer to the predestined assignment and call to reach out to a plethora of women that needs another God-fearing woman, bible believing, imperfect being, yet one that’s compassionate, "very transparent,” and unashamed to share her story to help other women navigate through their pain to their purpose.

I pledge to not help them just break the shell that others have molded within their minds to believe about themselves. But I pledge to help them PUSH through until the "sting" is gone. Most importantly, I pledge to “foster an environment where women can DISCOVER, RECONNECT, REGAIN and EMBRACE their true “IDENTITY” and “THRIVE!” I know that I have been anointed, trained to coach (and yet pursuing to study more in-depth about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), to guide, to assist, and to bring my life experiences and a common-sense approach to many women; to those that have almost stopped breathing throughout their stages of becoming the Beautiful ButterF.L.Y. they were created to be, by “First Loving Yourself.”

Ladies, “First Love Yourself...."Don’t be shy or embarrassed!" Show yourself first and then show them how fabulous you are! This is a great Sanctuary (without walls) for a glowing TESTimonial. There are many women in need of not just survival testimonies but "WHOLESOME" TESTimonies!!! Come, I would love to hear from you. Let’s converse about how we may work together or how I may be able to assist you in developing your wings and soaring with both feet on the ground!

~Coach P.~

About Coach Sukieathea

Mountain Peak


Why I Coach

They said who do I think that I am to coach anybody when I don’t have my life together? They said I need to sit down and hush, nobody cares to hear you. They said I need to work on myself. They said I am not original, why do I think I can do what others are doing? They said you can’t reinvent what’s already working.

They said, “I CAN’T," I replied, "WATCH ME!”

Every woman that God created and used in the Bible had an issue or dealt with issue(s), and they did not get it all together before God decided to use them. I am a firm believer whom God anoints, calls, and appoints (yes in that order), He will equip them for the task at hand (yes, that means every situation/circumstance/test that I faced was a part of me being equipped for the purpose of my life). We as women of God do not need anyone's approval to confirm who/what we are to be in this life…we are wonderfully and fearfully made in Gods’ image. Yes, YOU CAN COACH Sukieathea, now go spread your wings.

From my mother's womb, God had His hand on my life. God had already had a purpose for my life, one that I would have never chosen for myself. Fast forward, at the very age of 17 (1990) pregnant with my firstborn (son), and unmarried, God anointed me by the laying on of hands by an Apostle and a few other Elders/Ministers at the church I grew up in for this calling/assignment; my purpose in this life.

My personal journey in this world had me going through so many cycles/stages in life that I question, why was I even born?  Why I Coach? I coach because before becoming the beautiful ButterF.L.Y. (Loving Myself) that I am and was created to be, I too was unsure of my identity, abandoned, broken, abused, neglected, rejected, and misused. I lived a life of thinking this is how I’m supposed to live, this is how I’m supposed to be treated…I lived in a complete “survival mentality.” I always expected some tragedy to happen in my life to take away anything that even smelled like HOPE or LOVE. I was clinically diagnosed with depression (whereas people called me crazy, wait for the book “She was Never Crazy," as many proposed), anxiety, and chronic panic attacks. I know all too well what it feels like to have so many around but felt so empty, desolate, and felt the need to create unhealthy desperation for validation and self-worth without anyone else knowing.

My purpose and calling are clear that every facet of my life, I now realize more than ever, that my ultimate divine purpose for being on this side of heaven is to reach back and assist/Coach other women that God has assigned to my TESTimonies and voice, to know that the answers to their HEALING and WHOLESOME being are within the cocoon (within themselves); and help them that are or were like me, to know learning to love Yo'SELF isn’t easy, the transformation isn’t easy, “breaking the shell” of your past or present life cycles and embracing your “TRUE Identity” isn’t easy. Yet, Coach P. is available, ready, and capable to let you know and help you understand that, “every butterfly (woman) has an unscripted story. Once you HAVE IT, you OWN IT, then you get to WRITE and LOVE the ending.”

~Coach P.~

Book on Table


Education & Experience
  • CEO - Life of a ButterF.L.Y., PLLC

    • Certified Professional Life Coach

      • Aug. 2017 – Present 3 years 8 months

      • "When you make the decision to stop living in cycles/stages life of a traumatize, broken life and finally embrace the Beauty of your OWN STORY/TRUTH....Everything in your life will be renewed and transformed." 


  • Le’Chris Mental Health Behavior Center

    • NC Certified Peer Support Specialist

      • March 2019 

  • Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

    • Aug. 1999 – Present 20 years

      • Under the Leadership of the late, Apostle Alice McKnight-Dickens

      • Church of God of Deliverance

  • Ordained Associate Elder/CHRISTIAN MENTOR

    • May 2012

      • Under the Leadership of Bishop Shelton Daniel

      • Greater Joy Baptist Church

      • Human Rights

      • Preaching/teaching about the Love of Christ and His resurrection power to save, heal, deliver and set from all mankind. Presenting myself a living sacrifice and Demonstrating THE LOVE OF CHRIST BY BEING His instrument in A LOST AND DYING WORLD.

Education, Licenses & Certifications

  • NC Certified Master Educator Instructor

    • Nash Community College

      • Issued June 2017


  • Certified Professional Life Coach (PLC)

    • Issued May 2019

      • Credential ID ICF

  • NC Certified Peer Support Recovery Specialist

    • UNC NC Seaboard Mental Health School

      • Issued March 2020 

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